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College basketball reddit mvp predictions

college basketball reddit mvp predictions

Selling of picks is not allowed here and will be removed by the moderators. r/ NBA - NBA ; r/ CollegeBasketball - College Basketball ; r/Baseball - MLB; r/sports -   Missing: mvp. Background: I got into a pretty heated discussion with some friends about who should be MVP about a week ago. My friends were saying. This is from a few days ago, after the Kyrie trade was announced but before it was going to be possibly rescinded. Source.

College: College basketball reddit mvp predictions

College basketball reddit mvp predictions I'll try your idea out and see how my analysis changes. Prime LeBron would win the tournament on the worst D1 team, without a doubt. Lol that's the bet for people who want to throw away their money. Durant or curry could still win. I think if OP removed the season beforeit would further strengthen Harden's case, while weakening Westbrook's. He would give up 50 against lebron and foul .
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BET ON SUPERBOWL ONLINE SMART GAMBLING For me the 3 most likely to win mvp, in order, are: Maybe Harden will ball out with D'Antoni's offense. I mean Karl Anthony Towns in his rookie year averaged like 18 and 8ish. All he cares about is being ready for the finals. I'd rather focus on staying healthy, the team meshing, and making a run for that chip. Lebron or Kawhi has a higher chance but i just see the votes going for westbrook this season.


The TOP 10 NBA MVP Candidates For The 2016/2017 Season! college basketball reddit mvp predictions Give your predictions for the awards. My guesses: MVP: James Harden ROY: Dennis Smith Jr. Sixth man of year: Patty Mills(? Not sure. Since the NBA award are wrap up, let's go and make a way to early nba award Prediction: MVP: Anthony Davis - He's gonna avg 29. Maybe it's been talked about, but I haven't seen it. I was thinking about what KD playing with the Warriors means for the Mvp next season.

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