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Reddit nba betting college football bets

reddit nba betting college football bets

I place my bets and take the top NBA pick and post it on the Reddit daily contest. . betting and bet depending on if theres any Tuesday/Wednesday football, . It's been paying big, especially with college basketball tourney's. Im not asking about betting lines or potential payouts, but the team stats/data Although in college football, the better team does usually win. (Quick note: I did an AMA on Reddit recently. For example, I bet a lot on the Patriots to win and the odds would change, but my confidence in the pick didn't waver. .. played Cincinnati on a Thursday night NCAA football game. I was pretty hesitant to play this since Washington is my favorite NBA team. The NBA playoffs are finally here! higher juice, but it's harder to tell unless you do the math behind the implied odds of all of the outcomes. best places to make some bets on the upcoming college football season. I.. Really want what NBA Silver talks about -- open online gambling nation You should bet at whatever sportsbook offers you the best odds on the. For example, I'm a fan of American Football live betting. What I like to do is bet the first play of each drive which is usually a run unless that My friend loves betting the 2H live (for NBA) ony if: . Watch the first series of a college football game and you will know a lot about how the game is going to go. reddit nba betting college football bets


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