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Reddit nba odds for football games this week

reddit nba odds for football games this week

Today I did a 4 part, 10 point NBA teaser all within the same game (not this is why alternate spreads will vary in odds for 2 different games. Just started sports betting this week and went Any tips or advice I did 2 NFL games and 2 NCAA game and a cheap parlay. .. week. Determine which lines you would least likely bet because of how unattractive they are. .. Whenever they're done, do you ever switch to NBA or something different?. Update: spreadsheet fully updated to include this weekend's plays. .. Why make a few dollars when you can bet $20 on a 50/50 game to win $20? . NFL and NBA are harder to get away with that since the lines close when.

Reddit nba odds for football games this week - sports

Michael Kim over Harold Varner III W In Kim's 11 tournaments this year in which his first round was under par, 8 times he went on to shoot under par in the third round. Just kidding man, you got the right mindset. You could bet on a huge favorite and they could lose randomly. A word of wisdom: Sometimes I just play off gut feelings. You've legitimized my habits. Saturday's play is the highest odds I've had for a POD. Big returns, but less .. I assume he meant tomorrow's game right? Because you can't. I love betting on football but betting my dad and buddies is getting old. 5 · 18 comments .. Shit bruh nice, been looking at your picks since yesterday It said scores on nba site but on the tv the game ended at. Im not asking about betting lines or potential payouts, but the team stats/data r/ FootballAmerica - All Football ; r/ NBA - NBA ; r/CollegeBasketball - College If you have a marquee game (super bowl, playoffs) with a ton of bets on one side and .. Last year i was winning almost every week during football.


Sports BIT: NBA Playoffs & College Football Betting Overview For Monday reddit nba odds for football games this week

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