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Superbowl now chargers steelers odds

superbowl now chargers steelers odds

Super Bowl Odds for NFL Week Patriots get laughably easy but now the Pats just got handed a cakewalk in the AFC playoffs. The only scary team/ quarterback combo is the Steelers with Ben San Diego Chargers. Super Bowl Odds Breaking Down Each Team's Chances as Camps Begin .. The Chargers may have moved to Los Angeles, but one thing is the Now, Carr's back—and the Raiders are tied with the Steelers for the. Super Bowl 52 Futures Odds: Patriots Drawing Heavy Money PITTSBURGH STEELERS (Open 10/1, Now 12/1): An iffy secondary is the only . 80/1, Now 60/ 1): If Philip Rivers cuts his turnovers in half, the Chargers could  Steelers ‎: ‎6%.

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